Wagub Sumbar Ajak Perantau Minang Bangun Kampung Halaman

BATAM — West Sumatran Deputy Governor Audy Joinaldy Datuak Rajo Pasisia Alam really appreciates and is proud of Minang immigrants from the West Sumatran Family Association (IKSB) in Batam city who have built close and harmonious family relationships.
“Of course it can be an example for other immigrants in maintaining unity among migrants to always give the best for the Minang realm,” said Audy Joinaldy in a meeting with IKSB Batam at the IKSB Secretariat jl. Raden Patah no. 19 Ruko Indah Permai Centre.
On that occasion, Deputy Governor Audy added, West Sumatra’s development progress was hampered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Currently the Covid-19 case in West Sumatra has been sloping, we continue to develop West Sumatra. For that I invite IKSB to continue to increase cooperation with West Sumatra,” he said.
During the meeting, Audy also told that the construction of Rokot Airport in Kab. The Mentawai Islands are planned to be completed on August 17, 2022.
“God willing, if possible, the President of the Republic of Indonesia to Mentawai inaugurate it,” he said.
According to him, the presence of the airport will be very influential for the development of tourism in the Mentawai Islands.
“Therefore, we will prepare a number of large-scale events in West Sumatra, as an effort to generate tourism excitement. For that we need support from IKSB Batam,” he said.
Audy also explained the condition of the Padang-Pekanbaru toll road which continues to run. In addition, the earthquake disaster in Kab. Pasaman and Pasaman Barat also delivered. But in terms of togetherness, Audy asked to remain the main thing.
“Basamo Mangko Manjadi, don’t forget your hometown,” he pleaded.
Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Batam City IKSB, Deni Aslan, said he was very happy to be able to meet directly with the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra, who is a great millennial leader. “We are very happy to meet Uda Audy. Hopefully, Uda Audy’s presence can have a positive impact on us here. God willing, the Riau Islands and West Sumatra will be successful in building the Minang realm,” hoped Deni.
At the beginning of the speech, the Secretary General of IKSB Deni Aslan introduced all the figures who were present at the gathering. Furthermore, Deni Aslan also explained that IKSB Batam is a 38-year-old social organization and has matured enough to organize itself, consisting of 18 IK Kota Kota and 2 autonomous organizations Gema Minang and Bundo Kanduang as well as a batauyung foundation in Batam.
IKSB Kota also conveyed that it had completed the distribution of donations collected from business donors, Golfer Minang Batam, IKSB administrators, Gema Minang, Bundo Kanduang and other Rang Mudo communities in Batam City after the Pasaman and Pasaman earthquakes on 25 February.
According to him, developing the area is important. You don’t always have to be in the village, but you can also come from another country, like Batam.
“We are ready to contribute to advancing the region. At least create a good image of our home region,” he said.
Deni also explained that immigrants from West Sumatra in Batam City could contribute to Batam’s development in various fields. Even so, he still invites the nomads not to forget their hometown.
The gathering was also attended by the Head of the West Sumatra Bapenda Maswar Dedi, the Head of the Adpim Bureau Maifrizon and Syefdinon, the Head of the General Bureau of the West Sumatra Regional Secretariat.


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