Genius Umar “We encourage re-making cooking oil, as a solution to the high cost of cooking oil”

Metro Padang – We encourage the manufacture of Cooking Oil (Coconut), as a solution to the high price of palm cooking oil in Pariaman City.
This was conveyed by the Mayor of Pariaman Genius Umar when he observed and saw firsthand the process of making cooking oil carried out by mothers, fathers, youth and the people of Marabau Village, together with the Pariaman Police Chief, AKBP Abdul Aziz and his staff, at the Marabau Village Office. , South Pariaman Regency, Tuesday (12/4).
“From the time of our ancestors, in Pariaman we have used and made cooking oil in our daily lives, but because of the entry of palm oil in the market at that time, finally not many people make this cooking oil, therefore, I welcome the idea from the people of Marabau Village, to make and use cooking oil again,” he said.
The manufacture of this cooking oil was initiated by the Babinkamtibmas of Marabau Village, Aipda Afdhal Bustami and supported by the Head of Marabau Village, Ardison Arbi, and fully supported by the Pariaman Police Chief, AKP Edi Karan and also the Pariaman Police Chief, AKBP Abdul Aziz.
Jenius instructed the Village Community Empowerment Service, along with the Industry and Trade and Industry and Small Medium Enterprises Office of Pariaman City, to start a movement to make cooking oil en masse in Pariaman City.
While in some areas the difficulty will be expensive and cooking oil is scarce in the market, we in Pariaman city are looking for a solution for that, namely by producing cooking oil starting from households to villages, and maybe this cooking oil innovation, can be used nationally for problems this cooking oil,” he concluded.


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