The Only Luxury Collection Hotel in Indonesia Presents a New Look

The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali, is undergoing a transformation after 30 years of operation.
The renovation project was carried out for 287 rooms, suites and villas, restaurants, as well as a number of other facilities. On May 2, 2022, the resort is ready to welcome guests who wish to enjoy a family vacation at the renovated property. This renovation combines the past, present and future to create a memorable and authentic destination.
“We are having an exciting moment, and want to present the new look of The Laguna to Explorers and Collectors,” said Lucia Liu, General Manager. This transformation concept appreciates the past and future of the holiday experience at The Laguna. When guests enter the resort, they immediately have an expectation of what their stay can mean: a luxurious and memorable experience.
The resort’s new lobby features a splendor that appreciates the past and future of the The Laguna holiday experience. Restoration, exploration of Bali, and appreciation of local craft techniques are seen as important elements in lobby design.
Overall, guests will have a better experience with a personalized sit-down check-in service. This service provides a relaxed, luxurious, specially designed atmosphere.
Balinese white stone carvings are placed on the check-in desk and become an elegant focal point in the lobby. This masterpiece depicts the story of the legendary Dewi Danu, the Goddess of Water and the wife of Lord Vishnu, as the guardians of peace and harmony in every element in the universe.
The new room designs are inspired by Balinese stories and traditions, as well as marine elements influenced by the resort’s seven lagoons, as well as the travel DNA of the Luxury Collection brand.
BALI ELEMENTS – The main feature of the bed rest is the Balinese embroidered panels on the kebaya material, displayed in an abstract floral motif with neutral Balinese color nuances. “Saput poleng”, a black-and-white plaid woven cloth, drapes the statue and is worn by the public when attending religious ceremonies in Bali, as can be seen from the color nuances and room materials, such as the pillows.
SEA ELEMENTS – The story of the lagoon and the surrounding waters is displayed in the room design, as reflected in the selection of lights and wall accents.
TOURISM ELEMENTS – Design details, such as the leather details of the suitcase on the bed, highlight the theme of travel and exploration.
Other renovations were made to the resort’s meeting and activity rooms, as well as the launch of a new restaurant and bar concept.
Cascade Bar
A swanky and unexpected cocktail bar, inspired by the spice trade of the sea.
At this bar, surrounded by a beautiful and fresh atmosphere, serves liquor and cocktails that use spices, mixed with various types of spices and herbs.
During the day, the Cascade Bar is the go-to destination for flavored, spiced drinks and light cocktails.
In the evening, experienced bartenders concoct innovative and inspiring cocktails, complemented by Balinese snacks. Located in the center of the resort, next to the lobby, Cascade Bar is no doubt welcoming guests, as well as an ideal place to relax while enjoying sunset views and watching traditional Balinese performances.
Banyubiru Restaurant
Inspired by the fishing village of Bali, Banyubiru’s design features various elements that surround the village, taking the blue and white theme as a reflection of the sea. The harmony of Balinese batik motifs, such as “kawung” and “ceplok”, blends with the floor tiles in the buffet and communal areas.
Meanwhile, bamboo and rattan are used as furniture details, lamps, and decorations. These materials are widely used for traditional fishing equipment and crafts in villages.
The design of the open kitchen (show kitchen) and buffet table, is inspired by the traditional “warung” in the village so that it presents unique and authentic Balinese culinary characteristics.
If you want to be the first guest to make a reservation at this renovated resort, or for more information, you can send an email to, or call +62 361 771 327 or visit (mp)


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