The management of the Sundanese Society of West Sumatra confirmed by Governor Mahyeldi

Metro Padang – The Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi, inaugurated the big board and regional administrator of the Sundanese Citizens Association (PWS) for the 2021-2025 period. Inauguration held at the Auditorium of the Governor of West Sumatra, Jl. Sudirman, Padang City, Sunday (27/3/2022).
The inauguration process was carried out by reading the oath, followed by a joint pledge statement by the inaugurated board, as well as an assessment of the plaque by the elected chairman of the board, Maman Sudarman.
“On behalf of the West Sumatra Provincial Government, I would like to congratulate all the major administrators and regional administrators of the West Sumatra PWS who have been sworn in and inaugurated,” said the Governor.
Governor Mahyeldi appreciated the existence and contribution of Sundanese people in West Sumatra. As a province that has various tribes and religions, the existence of the Sundanese Community Association is an important part as the binding rope and umbrella for unifying customs and culture with other associations.
“We welcome and are proud of the contribution of the Sundanese people in West Sumatra in order to build West Sumatra. The tenacity and skill in farming are very good. Even in some areas there are farmers, we actually learn a lot from the Sundanese people who are in the area and have merged, already ‘malakok’ is the term, ‘ said the governor.
“This is a diversity that must be treated.
The existence of Sundanese people is not something that is foreign because of the similarity of culture, way of dressing, food, so that it quickly blends. This has been proven for a long time, even West Sumatra and West Java have contributed to connecting the life of the Republic of Indonesia through the figure of Syafruddin Prawiranegara at the time of PDRI,” continued the Governor.
Furthermore, Governor Mahyeldi also instructed the Department of Culture and Tourism to set a one-day cultural performance of various ethnic groups in West Sumatra. The hope is that cultural values ​​will be preserved in West Sumatra. Including Sundanese culture.
Chairman of PWS Maman Sudarman conveyed the inauguration of the big board and regional administrators of the Sundanese Citizens Association (PWS) for the period 2021-2025, carrying the theme with the inauguration of PWS ngajadikeun Sunda ngahiji keur ka hiji. This means that they can unite and become number one. Katara ayana, karasa benefit, namely the existence of PWS in West Sumatra, can really be felt its existence and benefits.
(Department of Communication and Information Technology of West Sumatra)


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