The construction of Tuapejat Pier in Mentawai has a budget of IDR 27 billion

The Ministry of Transportation has disbursed Rp 27 billion to increase the length of the Tuapejat Pier in the Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra, with a length of 50 meters and a width of 8 meters jutting into the sea.
This was conveyed by Bam as the Executor of the Pier Construction Activity to at the logistics warehouse and employee house at the port, Wednesday (30/03/2022).
Bam said that after Eid there would be physical work on the construction of a 50-meter-long and 8-meter-wide jetty extension project, including the construction of offices and terminals, Bam explained.
“Currently we are supplying materials imported from the island of Java, Cilegon,” he said.
“Bam said, that all materials are imported from outside through a pontoon unit, except for bricks, we empower local craftsmen,” he said.
“Hopefully, if there are no obstacles, after Eid and the materials needed have been fulfilled, we will immediately move to carry out construction work,” said the event organizer.
Bam said, according to the Contract Agreement (SPK) that his party started work since February (9 months of working days) where the work is currently underway on construction, logistics warehouses, employee houses and other facilities. (mp)


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