Opening the West Sumatra Scout Movement Musda, Governor Mahyeldi Praises Scout Volunteering

Metro Padang – The Governor of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) Buya Mahyeldi as Chair of the Regional Advisory Council (Kamabida) of the West Sumatra Scout Movement, opened the Regional Conference (Musda) of the 03 West Sumatran Kwartir Scout Movement, at the Imelda Hotel, Saturday (26/3/2022).
The Musda which lasted for two days until March 28 with the theme ‘Realizing Concern and Strengthening State Defense in the Scout Movement, was attended by representatives of 19 Kwartir Branches throughout West Sumatra.
The opening was marked by the beating of the gong by the Governor accompanied by the Secretary General of Kwarnas Maj. Gen. Ret. Dr. Bachtiar Utomo, Member of the West Sumatra DPRD, Maigus Nasir, Chairman of the West Sumatra Quarter 03 Daily, Yulius, and the Musda Committee Edwar Syah Ramli.
In his remarks, Governor Mahyeldi congratulated on the holding of the 2022 Musda, and appreciated the existence of the West Sumatra Scout Movement so far which has contributed a lot in maintaining and caring for the nation’s diversity. The values ​​that exist in the Scout Movement, as well as its very high concern for diversity, play a big role in diversity.
The Scout Movement as a scouting organization must play a dynamic role along with the times so that the existence of the Scout Movement still gets high appreciation in the community. The Scout Movement also plays an important role in providing solutions because it is still a pioneer in providing a strong commitment to the benefit of the community,” said the governor.
The Governor’s Scout Movement is also very important in fostering the younger generation, especially in welcoming Indonesia in 2045. The governor also conveyed the plan for the need for a representative and international standard earth area.
Secretary General of Kwarnas Major General Retired Dr. Bachtiar Utomo, in his speech thanked the Governor and the Deputy Governor as the Head of Mabida and Deputy Chair of the Mabida of West Sumatra who continue to provide both moral and material support for the implementation of scouting activities in the Province of West Sumatra.
According to Bachtiar, in 2022, there will also be important national Scout activities, including the XI National Jamboree in Cibubur, from August 14 to 21, 2022. Then there are also activities for the Bhayangkara Work Unit (Pertikara) National Service Camp in South Sumatra, Camping Between the National Level Work Units (Role Saka) in Bangka Belitung, and the National Defense Camp in Bengkulu.
I hope that both Mabida and the Kwarda management of West Sumatra can continue to pay attention to the Scout Leaders in the front groups throughout this province. And, I hope that the Regional Quarter of West Sumatra can play an active role in the activities in 2022 and send the best contingent.
(Department of Communication and Information Technology of West Sumatra)


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