Governor Inaugurates Team of 9 Determining Elements of West Sumatra BPPD


Metro Padang – The Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi, inaugurated a team of 9 members of the Policy Determining Elements Team of the Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) of West Sumatra (Sumbar), at the Auditorium, Governorate of West Sumatra, in Padang, Saturday (26/3/3022).

The inauguration was marked by the handover of the flag flag by the Governor of West Sumatra to the Head of Team 9, Sari Lenggogeni, Ph.D, which was witnessed directly by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, regents and mayors of West Sumatra who were present as well as nine representatives of Pokdarwis throughout West Sumatra.

In his remarks, Governor Mahyeldi conveyed congratulations and great hopes for the revival of West Sumatra tourism on Team 9.

“We have high hopes that Mrs. Ririe as chairman can improve the image of West Sumatra tourism as one of the main national and foreign tourist destinations.

We also ask that you prioritize the development of tourist destinations and the creative economy and fully support Visit Beautiful West Sumatra in 2023,” said Buya Mahyeldi.

Minister Sandiaga Uno also appealed to the inaugurated team to implement 3G, quick action (gercep), joint movement (geber) and gaspol.

“Congratulations to the determining elements of the West Sumatra BPPD. The team must be quick, aggressive and gaspol.

Tourism and the creative economy in the future will be even more different. It must have an impact on the local economy and there should be no more crowds that only leave trash, it must be better,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga also appreciated the West Sumatra Provincial Government which has succeeded in breaking through the achievements of the most tourist villages in Indonesia, with 300 nagari, and has even entered the top 50 and 9 of the best tourist villages in the country.

“This is amazing, keep it up. The dynamic content of the strategy, as well as its value added must be improved. Rendang is one of the culinary delights that we will develop in the context of spice of the world. And we have started in the G20 in Bali. For this rendang, West Sumatra must the spice supply chain so that it can open up business opportunities and job opportunities,” he added.

Good news, to support West Sumatra’s tourism and creative economy, Minister Sandiaga said he would make West Sumatra the host of the world Islamic trade forum in 2023.
Meanwhile, the Head of the West Sumatra BPPD Policy Undetermined Team, Sari Lenggogeni, who is familiarly called Uni Ririe, expressed readiness and made every effort to carry out her duties and functions to make Visit Beautiful West Sumatra 2023 a success.

“Integrated marketing communications will be the focus and also focus on transforming the visualization experience to image West Sumatra as the center of the best attractions for western Indonesia in 2025,” said Uni Ririe optimistically.

Regarding the development of tourist villages, Uni Ririe said it would continue to make various efforts, including involving the banking sector and implementing a program as the first in the country, namely the Minangkabau Adventure Passport, where every tourist will collect each stamp as proof of having visited a destination. (mp)


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