Fun Bike MTB Tour de Pariaman Successfully Followed by Thousands of Participants

Metro Padang – One thousand participants from 35 bicycle clubs and communities from Jambi, Riau, North Sumatra, Bengkulu and West Sumatra took part in the event on the first day of the Mountain Bike (MTB) Tour de Pariaman 2022 Fun Bike category.
“The MTB Tour de Pariaman 2022 is a mountain bike activity that passes through existing roads in Pariaman City, especially the newly opened roads with a mutual cooperation pattern with a distance of 35 KM on five new roads,” said Mayor of Pariaman, Jenius Umar after passing the MTB Tour de Pariaman at Kata Beach, Kota Pariaman, Saturday (26/3/2022) morning.
The Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar said that this activity was at the same time in the context of sports and also promoting tourism in the City of Pariaman, because indeed by opening this new road many destinations have been opened.
“We hope that with the limited budget of the Regional Government, the Central Government next year will help Pariaman City in paving the road,” he explained.
In addition, continued Genius Umar, for the people of Pariaman City, this activity also has a positive impact on improving the economy of the community, MSME actors and also increasing tourist visits to Pariaman City.
“And on behalf of the Pariaman City Government, we also thank the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) Sandiaga Uno who has facilitated the MTB event in Pariaman City,” he continued.
This MTB was also attended and enlivened by the Deputy Mayor of Pariaman, Mardison Mahyuddin, Head of Pariaman Police, Kajari Pariaman, Koni Kota Pariaman, Head of OPD in the Pariaman City Government.
Meanwhile, the MTB Tour de Pariaman 2022 series for the XCC Race category will be held tomorrow on Sunday (27/3) in the Kata Beach area of ​​Pariaman City which will compete for a total prize of Rp. 36 million. (mp)


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