Deputy Mayor of Pariaman Launches Tahfidz Quran Village

Metro Padang – Deputy Mayor of Pariaman, Mardison Mahyuddin attended the handover of the position (certificate) of the Sungai Rambai Village Head from the former Acting Village Head, Syamsuardi to the elected Village Head, Rapit Josnaidi for the 2022/2028 period at the Sungai Rambai Village Office, North Pariaman District, Monday (05/18/2019). 28/3/2022).
In his speech, Mardison hoped that the elected village head Rapit Josnaidi would be able to build Sungai Rambai Village even better and protect all elements of the community and be able to prepare the RPJMDes, regarding the implementation of development and village financial management for the next 6 years, because the RPJMDes is the forerunner of our basis. to carry out development and empowerment of village finances.
I congratulate the elected village head, hopefully he can carry out the mandate of the community as well as possible. I also thank the old village head who has dedicated himself to the community and led Sungai Rambai Village to the implementation of the Simultaneous Pilkades throughout Pariaman City, his service to Pariaman City can be a value of worship, amen.
On the same occasion after the certificate, the deputy mayor also launched the Tahfidz Qur’an Village in Sungai Rambai Village.
“I am very proud of the launch of Tahfidz Al-Quran Village and the inauguration of the one-stop MDTA/MDTW/MDTU Sungai Rambai Village in 2022,” he said.
“On behalf of the Pariaman City Government, I hope that this can be an example for every village in Pariaman City and also implement it in every village in Pariaman City to give birth to the Hafidz Quran generation in the future,” he said positively. (mp)


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