Bupati Agam Berikan Hadiah Bagi Pemenang Lomba Cerdas Cermat Al-Quran

Metro Padang – Regent of Agam, Dr. H. Andri Warman, MM gave prizes to the winners of the Al-Qur’an quiz competition for elementary and junior high schools throughout Agam Regency which was held by Padang TV with the Agam Regency Government, some time ago. then, at the Rang Agam Sports Center, Thursday (31). /3).
This gift is a form of appreciation and encouragement for children and the younger generation to further improve their knowledge and knowledge.
The Regent of Agam, Dr. H. Andri Warman, MM expressed his pride because many children in Agam Regency have excelled, especially in the field of education.
“One of them is in the field of religion. The Al-Qur’an Smart Contest which was held by the Agam Regency Government with Padang TV some time ago,” he said.
He hopes that with the support of all parties together with the Agam Regency Government in advancing the world of education, in the future it can give birth to the next generation of people who will become leaders of the nation and even the world.
As a form of appreciation, prizes were given in the form of tabanas to the winners of the Qur’an quiz competition.
The prize for the first winner is Rp. 4.5 million, second place Rp. 3 million, and the third winner Rp. 1.5 million.
“Specifically for the province, winners of the West Sumatra level Qur’an intelligent competition will also be given a prize of Rp. 3 million,” he said.
The head of the Education and Culture Office of Agam Regency, Isra said, the first winner of the Al-Madaniy Al-Qur’an intelligence competition was SD IT Al-Madaniy, the second winner was SD 20 Pajuangan and the third winner was SD Islam. Darul Makmur.
“For the junior high school level, the first winner is IT Al Madani Middle School, the second winner is Tanjung Raya Junior High School I, and the third winner is SMP 2 Kamang Magek,” he said.
It was explained that the Al-Qur’an Quiz Competition at the junior high school level in the Province of West Sumatra won first place at the IT Al-Madani Middle School.
“In addition to receiving a prize from the Regent of Agam, the first winner of the Koran quiz competition at the West Sumatra Province level, he also received a prize from the Chair of the West Sumatra LKAAM, Dr Fauzi Bahar in the form of a motorbike,” he explained. (rh)


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