West Sumatra Strengthens Indonesia’s Bilateral Cooperation with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

In the context of evaluating and accelerating the Bilateral Cooperation of the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom with the Provincial Government of West Sumatra, the Indonesia Jordanian Business Council (IJBC) as the institution facilitating the collaboration invited the Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi and the Deputy Governor, Audy Joinaldy to a meeting with the Jordanian Ambassador to Indonesia. , H.E. Mr. Abdallah Abu Romman, and the Jordanian Royal Commission H.E. Mr. Walid Almasri and H.E., Mr. Sami Dawud, Monday (16/5).
At the meeting the two sides discussed the cooperation that had previously been signed, where the Jordanian Embassy hoped for an acceleration as needed, especially in the import of basic agricultural needs such as rice, vegetables and other agricultural products.
In addition, the Jordanian Embassy wants cooperation in the education sector.
The Ambassador mentioned that there are many universities in West Sumatra that support Jordanian students to study in Indonesia. “And vice versa, the Jordanian government also has many scholarship opportunities for West Sumatran students to study in Jordan,” said the Ambassador through an interpreter.
As a country that is highly dependent on imports, the opportunities for cooperation in trade with Jordan are very large.
For example, for commodities of coffee, spices, and cooking spices, and so on, Jordan is currently very dependent on India.
The embassy also acknowledged that domestic consumption of these commodities has increased.
Equally important, responding to the potential for fulfilling Jordan’s agricultural needs, the Deputy Governor also said that West Sumatra had exported coffee to Japan, as a reference for Jordan.
Apart from the trade sector, the meeting was also important to discuss opportunities for renewable energy cooperation. West Sumatra, with its Geo Thermal and solar energy potential, is expected to encourage Jordan to invest to take advantage of these opportunities.
It is known previously that various countries have expressed interest and offered investment in this opportunity, it is also possible for the Government of the Kingdom of Jordan to participate.
On the same occasion, Buya Mahyeldi expressed his hope in enlivening the Visit West Sumatra Beautiful 2023. He hoped that the Jordanian Embassy would also provide support in the tourism sector.
Minangkabau International Airport can receive tourists from Jordan to enjoy the natural beauty of West Sumatra.
“Alhamdulillah, the Jordanian Embassy welcomes this and plans to conduct a field trip by inviting the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit the tourism potential of West Sumatra,” said Buya Mahyeldi.
(West Sumatra Communications and Information Service)


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