The Chancellor of Padang State University Designates the Faculty of Economics as an Integrity Zone Work Unit

Metro Padang
The Chancellor of the State University of Padang (UNP) Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D, Monday/25 April 2022 in the Prof. Hall. Kamaluddin launched the Faculty of Economics (FE) as a work unit that organized the construction of an Integrity Zone (ZI) towards a Corruption Free Area (WBK) and a Clean Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBBM).
In his direction, the Chancellor of UNP Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D said “UNP has always been committed to carrying out Bureaucratic Reform and continues to innovate in 8 areas, since 2016 we have continued to organize it, with the declaration of the Faculty of Economics as a ZI area, UNP already has 3 faculties namely FMIPA, FBS and FE , next year we will develop it again in other faculties. Spirit for the Bureaucratic Reform movement towards institutions that implement the principles of good governance”.
Dean of FE UNP Dr. Idris, M.Si said “his party has designed a strategy to implement ZI WBK/WBBM to be implemented at the Faculty of Economics, we hope, we ask for support from the leadership and the academic community so that this program runs well”
In this activity, the signing of the minutes of the launching of ZI UNP was also attended by the Vice Chancellor, a number of deans and bureau heads as well as the RB FE UNP team. (mp)


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