West Sumatra Governor Graduation 90 Tahfidz SMAN 1 Bukittinggi

Metro Padang. The Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi, appreciated SMAN 1 Landbouw Bukittinggi which has succeeded in giving birth to hafiz and hafizah from 7 juz to 20 juz and successfully graduated from various well-known universities in the country.
This was conveyed by the governor during the tahfidz graduation of SMAN 1 Landbouw as well as the launching of the Islamic Religious Education Digital Library and the FSI Digital Da’wah Bulletin, in the Hall of SMAN 1 Bukittinggi, Thursday (31/3/2022 ).
In his remarks, we suggested the SMAN 1 community to continue to improve the tahfiz program through collaboration with the Bukittinggi City Government and involving the potential of alumni.
“SMAN 1 must synergize with the Government because this supports the vision and mission of the Government, Bukittinggi in particular, and West Sumatra in general. All SMAN 1 students can memorize the Al-Quran because it will increase emotional, spiritual and intellectual intelligence, ” said the governor.
With the potential of alumni and synergy with the government, the governor also hopes that SMAN 1 Bukittinggi can complete the facilities and infrastructure needed by students such as manpower and also dormitories for final year students in order to mature in entering college.
In line with the Governor, Assistant II Pemko Bukittinggi, Supadria previously said that the tahfiz program really supports the vision and mission of the Pemko Bukittinggi which wants to make Bukittinggi Great based on ABS-SBK.
“Alhamdulillah, 90 tahfiz graduates from SMAN 1 Landnbouw have graduated from various prestigious universities in the country. We hope that this can continue to be improved according to the theme of improving self-quality to become a rabbinic generation with Quranic character,” said the Assistant.
On that occasion, he handed over a certificate of appreciation to representatives of Hafiz Hafizah and cut PAI digital library tapes and FSI digital da’wah bulletins. The governor even gave a special gift to hafiz hafizah 20 juz in the form of Rp20 million each.
(Department of Communication and Information Technology of West Sumatra)


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