Opening Musrenbang RKPD, Wako Program Asks to Accelerate Achievements of Pemko Pariaman

The Development Planning Deliberation (Musrenbang) of the Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) of Kota Pariaman Year 2023 is to draw up a plan that will be implemented in 2023. This year 2023 is the last year of Genius-Mardison leadership.
This was conveyed by the Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar when giving directions to the 2023 RKPD Musrenbang of Pariaman City in the Pariaman City Hall Hall, Monday (28/3/2022).
Genius Umar said that we will check for deficiencies and accelerate for 2023.
“Several programs have been carried out and have reached more than 90%. Like Pasar Pariaman, whose program has been completed, the eastern ring road has reached 98 percent. Then what has not been done by the floating mosque due to the Covid-19 pandemic and budget constraints, cannot be done,” he said.
“In the field of education, namely the SagaSaja program, which we target students can accept 100 people per year in higher education, we have also done free education for elementary, middle and high school children. All of these successes, how the Pariaman City Government, OPD together with the community and Forkopimda work together to make this achievement possible,” he explained.
In these 6 months, Genius continued that with limited budget, we created a mutual cooperation pattern by collaborating between the government and the community in the infrastructure sector, namely by opening new waterfront roads in 15 roads.
“With the opening of these 15 roads, we ask for funds from the APBN from the Central Government and funds from the APBD of the Province of West Sumatra,” he continued.
Genius Umar also explained that we have been working with OPD for almost four years, and we have implemented various strategies and innovations to make all of these excellent programs possible.
“Because during the Covid-19 pandemic with limited budgets, our program experienced a few obstacles, so with the remaining time, it is hoped that the spirit of all OPD should be increased. That way, in these five years, all the excellent programs written in the RPJMD can be completed. Thank you to the community, hopefully Pariaman City will be more advanced,” he concluded. (mp)


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